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Feeling Adventurous? Here you go...

“Crazy buttery bright goodness”

Blue-chip producer and winemaker! 

👃The serious stuff: Sliced apples and nectarines, that streak across your palate with romantic buttery and flinty minerality all held tight with slight smokey veiling. The finish is lightly roasted, with a nice fresh back-palate that keeps you intrigued right to the very end.

Winemaker: Kian Tavakoli

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Say it like it is...

A 100 point caliber hillside vineyard on the southern border of 98pt Blankiet & 100pt Dominus Estate. Mon Reve is in its absolute prime...

A Wine To Experience. Stunningly Rich w/ Jubilant Cherries Rippling Across the Palate and a Long, Slow Finish.

This special Cabernet is right in the sweet spot. Rich, plush blackberry and black plum flavors, with cocoa and charred bacon infused their mouth-watering magic into the wine. It’s silky and supple, with impressive complexity. It doesn’t overshadow the mouthfeel though, nothing stands in the way of it being one of the most opulently delicious Cabs of the year!

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This is an amazing 'Final Swirl' deal. Trust your Napa Valley merchant, if you love aged Cabernet, this will strike every chord!

100% Cabernet Sauvignon (65% Constant Vineyard, Diamond Mountain - 35% Somerston Vineyard, Chiles Valley) 

Lovers of hedonistic, opulent, plush, sexy, Napa Cabernet perfectly-aged...backflip, tuck, and roll, do what you must to snag a couple of these Andy Erikson made stunners (Screaming Eagle Fame)  at our Final Swirl smashingly-crazy price...Only 5 cases for those fast enough --- well, what can we say - we hope you are able to taste it!!

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Very Little To Go Around

70% OFF Napa Cab Under $20!

Think Top-Notch (3 Times Today’s Price) Cabernet and Tribute to the Napa Valley History Pouring into Your Wine Glass! 

Long time Napa Valley Superstar Chad Alexander has produced yet another pedal-to-the-metal Cabernet blend that is Literally Exploding with Flavor! This 74% Cabernet, 18% Petite Sirah, 8% Malbec is a Napa blockbuster, lush, prodigious, concentrated, smooth and satisfying - made on the same hallowed grounds with Amuse Bouche (Heidi Barrett) and Patz and Hall on Shipyard Acres {look it up} amazing history and this winery is right in the heart of it all...Let’s Go! Only 5 cases for those fast enough! 

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Every Day Deserves a Bottle of This! 

A Breath of Fresh Air...Rosé of Pinot Noir,  “juicy pomegranates, cherry blossoms and savory spice”

Another Outstanding Wine From Laine Estates! 

A wine celebrated for its signature cool climate style and unwavering commitment to first-class quality, the talented team at Laine Estates has adapted a meticulous approach to winemaking which has seen them grow better with each passing vintage.

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A Full-Fledged, Superstar Producer. There Isn’t Any Secret Here, Just Chiseled Cabernet from Old Vine Vineyards, Simply a Hands-on Crafted Sleeper of a Wine with a Major Case Price! 

Instant Quality to Price Ratio... 

We blind tasted this...One of the reasons blind tasting is it levels the playing field. Reading a wine’s label embeds a whole set of expectations in your mind—a ‘placebo effect,’ of sorts, to which even the most experienced professional tasters are susceptible. When our team first tasted this wine, BLIND, we all looked at each other with a serious nod of approval. It is invigorating and sneakily powerful.

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From the Highest Point on the Pritchard Hillside of Atlas Peak! The Absolute Best Block on The Property...As the Weather Is Now Cooler it is Time To Pull Out the Best Wines You Have, This Is One of Them!

SAVE $67 / 71% OFF

This gorgeously full-everything Cabernet is the essence of a high-altitude Atlas Peak in a bottle. It’s black as night, with juicy blueberries and plums, set off against a wild side of dark chocolate and grippy tannin. Think classic powerhouse red with a generous peppering of spices to go with it. It’s intensely flavor-filled, deep, and complex. The mouthfeel is illuminated by a bright flash of acidity. It’s just crushingly good wine, in short. But that’s not surprising, either. This is from one of Napa Valley’s best vineyards and to top that from the absolute best block on the property.

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Everyone’s reviews reveal a softer, nuanced maturity and pristine flavors, of which there are many. Raspberry coulis, vanilla, deep fruit nuance, and spice with rich earthiness all wrapped in silken texture. The beloved Nadalié is back.

Steadfast, uncommon, and charming - that is Truchon Cellars

Tucked away on the steep hillsides of Napa Valley, Truchon Cellars is a unique winery perfect for winemaking and wine growing. They believe in leaving a minimal footprint out of respect for the environment and the land that creates their one-of-a-kind wines.

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SAVE 68% {almost gone}

Napa Valley History, Trailblazing Winemaker, and Consistent Excellence

Rutherford’s most historical vineyard

Dark juicy fruit, backed by mocha and vanilla bean from perfectly judged oak treatment. It’s a wine you dangerously sit down with and drink the whole bottle. Given the pedigree here, this is an absolute must for those eager to “get in on the ground floor”. A “sleeper” superstar if ever there was one and it’s readily affordable to boot!

Winemaker: Sean Foster

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