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“Crazy buttery bright goodness”

Blue-chip producer and winemaker! 

👃The serious stuff: Sliced apples and nectarines, that streak across your palate with romantic buttery and flinty minerality all held tight with slight smokey veiling. The finish is lightly roasted, with a nice fresh back-palate that keeps you intrigued right to the very end.

Winemaker: Kian Tavakoli

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Napa Valley History, Trailblazing Winemaker, and Consistent Excellence

Rutherford’s most historical vineyard

Dark juicy fruit, backed by mocha and vanilla bean from perfectly judged oak treatment. It’s a wine you dangerously sit down with and drink the whole bottle. Given the pedigree here, this is an absolute must for those eager to “get in on the ground floor”. A “sleeper” superstar if ever there was one and it’s readily affordable to boot!

Winemaker: Sean Foster

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100 Point Caliber - Cabernet Blend Sell-out! 

Swift Action Required - 60% OFF

A Colossal Offer is Putting It Lightly!

13 Years of creating masterful Cabernet, Georges III, Diamond Mountain, Multiple 95+ Wine Advocate ratings! A northern Stags Leap District blockbuster - SAVE $36 per bottle!! Reputation & Distinction...surrounded by a myriad of 100pt Estates; Kapcsandy, Odette, Realm, and the almighty Stags Leap Wine Cellars! You want to move quickly!

Winemaker: Paul Colantuoni

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92/100 Wine Advocate - Undeniably Delicious! 

The Chardonnay Sorcerer! 100pt Winery

75% OFF - Magic From End-to-End 

Superb in Every Way! Excuse me while we gush for a while, but in my humble opinion, this wine is a TEN, a knock-out, a Michael get the idea.💥 Top Napa Valley Cabernet producer turns out a rare first-rate Chardonnay at a steal!  

Winemaker: Kevin Morrisey

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